Mentha Oil Mild [functional fragrance]

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Japanese Mint

Mint plant has been popular in Japan for a long time. A mint has a refreshing fragrance, a cool feeling when attached to the skin. The mint is widely used generally. Based on the essential oil extracted from the Japanese mint, l-menthol of the refreshing ingredient is extracted, and furthermore, a refreshing scented mint oil is produced. We will deliver the fascination of Japanese mint with its fragrance.

Manufacturer is JS-Stage Inc.

Mentha Oil Mild [functional fragrance]

  • It is essential oil obtained after steam distillation of mint leaves and treating further refinement.
  • It contains Mentha Oil 1mL (100% of natural Mentha Oil) in 1mL.
  • With a colorless (slight yellow clear color) liquid, there is a specific, refreshing sweet smell.
  • Entering roll-on bottle
  • This fragrance is good for refreshing at sleep and aches.
  • Mentha Oil Mild contains it more than 35% of menthol ingredients out of 1 ml of Mentha Oil.

[raw materials] Japanese mint (100% of natural Mentha Oil)
[main ingredient] l-menthol (35%up)
[bottle size] Wφ15 X H93(mm)
[container materials] hard glass, PP, stainless steel
[capacity] 9mL
[manufacturer] JS-Stage Inc.

■Attention in the use

  1. Mint oil possesses stimulation, please be careful about the handling enough.
  2. Please be careful not to attach to the circumference of eyes and a mucous membrane part. After having washed it with soap enough when you attach, please wash in water.
  3. Please be careful not to put it to eyes. When it gets into eyes by any chance, please wash eyes with tepid water immediately, and please consult the ophthalmologist.
  4. When you apply skin, please you perform a patch test beforehand by all means, and please use it after having confirmed a thing without the problem.
  5. Please never swallow it.
  6. When you feel some kind of abnormality during use, please stop use promptly.

■Safekeeping and pharmaceutical precautions

  1. Please keep it out of reach of infants.
  2. Please avoid a high temperature and direct rays of the sun, and please seal it up in the cold place and keep it.
  3. Please do not bring it close to fire.
  4. Please keep it in the state that you put up it without laying down, and please use it.
  5. When you confirm the few things such as leaks in the case of the use. And if it leak, please wipe it off by all means. When it attached to other articles, you may have a stain and a change in quality.
  6. When an expiration date is stated, please conform it by all means.
  7. Please put it in an attached case on the occasion of safekeeping.
  8. Please close a cap after use immediately to prevent the oxidation and volatilization.

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