3rd Generation GcMAF was developed by Saisei Pharma for which we hold patents. There are fake GcMAF products sold online in Australia by a company which is registered in Hong Kong. Please be aware that 3rd Generation GcMAF products are only produced by Saisei Pharma. Any other products from other companies are fake products.

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What is GcMAF?

  • Safe and Natural

    Oral GcMAF is classified as a food product in Japan.

  • 3rd Generation GcMAF

    A 1 mg capsule has equivalent activity to 100 ng 1st generation GcMAF. Tissue resident macrophages play a critical role in tissue repair and regeneration.

  • Food Product in Japan

    Oral Colostrum MAF (macrophage activating factor) is produced from bovine colostrum. Colostrum is very similar to serum - very rich in protein, IgG, IgA and IgM.

  • Specially Modified Colostrum Extracts

    Target MALT (Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue) and GALT (Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue). Targets the huge number of macrophages in the Payer’s Patches in the gut.